About Zen Hen Party – for Yoga Hen Parties in Bath


I’m excited and passionate about teaching and sharing yoga with as many people as possible! I first started practicing yoga regularly when I lived in Sydney (2005), and after nearly 10 years of experimenting with lots of different styles of yoga I took my first teacher training in Mexico (2014), to qualify as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher. I have since trained in Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pre/Post Natal Yoga and Yoga for Sports with many fantastic teachers in the UK & US.  

I’m a self-professed dream-chaser and, after a fairly serious car accident, that lead me to take the leap and escape the corporate world to follow my ‘desert island dream’. I'm now following this passion to create my Zen Hen Party business. In the city I was drawn to after travelling Europe teaching yoga; the city where I found the love of my life, and recently had our baby!

After living in Bath for a few years I noticed I was teaching more and more hen party classes so created this business to provide a safe and fun 'Zen Hen Party' experience for those looking to include yoga in their activities for the weekend. I absolutely love teaching Hen classes. It is such an honour teaching a happy group of yogi's on such a momentous weekend.

It's often a 50:50 split of those who have tried yoga and those who haven't, but after all the classes most people are keen to go home and find a class to join - which is just fantastic. I think this type of class makes yoga a bit more accessible - it's an informal and fun setting, you don't have to find a studio, you don't have to worry about the payment (it's all done before!) and it's easier to let go of any preconceptions or self conscious feelings when you are with a group of people you know.

We all look forward to creating a special Zen Hen Party Yoga experience to add to your Hen party in Bath, Bristol & Beyond!


Alice trained as a Yoga teacher in Goa, India where she completed her 200hrs teacher training with Trimurti Yoga. She specialises in vinyasa flow yoga and teaches group and private classes in and around Frome. 

Alice is our partner yoga queen and has created lots of postures for us to teach our hen parties. 

Alice loves bringing a light-hearted yoga to a hen party, you can expect a juicy stretch, lots of laughter and a dose of much-needed relaxation.


Liv first discovered yoga via a Geri Halliwell 'video' series many moons ago. Geri was being taught by an inspirational teacher called Katy Appleton of apple yoga. From that point she was hooked.... 

15 years later she went on to complete 240 hours of training with Katy herself in London qualifying as a Vinyasa Flow and Hatha teacher trained with apple Yoga. 

Liv's classes are creative, empowering and allow people to soar in every class. She loves teaching our Zen Hen classes as she is happiest sharing and guiding our yogis to be as present as possible, to enjoy and soak up every minute of their special weekend.


Holly Warren is a teacher trainer, workshop leader and international retreat facilitator. She was a lead lecturer and mentor with Yoga London and has over 1600hrs teacher training experience.

As a life long student of Yoga, her ability to convey movement dialogue in an accessible and intelligent way comes from her eclectic background. Initially training with the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and at The Place, she had an eight year professional contemporary dance career, worked as tutor on three month residential leadership training programs and led four day breath and meditation workshops. 

Holly loves to share her passion for developing healthy body mechanics, mental attention and restoration through a slow flow yoga.